“Masturbation has changed my life! I can honestly say doing this was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I was never one to enjoy touching myself in the past, literally I hated it. Over these past months of reading posts about masturbation, it completely changed my outlook on my life. The best part of my day is locking myself in my bedroom and getting ready for it. I highly recommend this to anyone.”

-Kristen Mowry 



“I’ve been reading posts about masturbation and I’ve always struggled reaching orgasms that during sex. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy every single moment, but the fun and positive approach to masturbation makes everything go by so quickly. Since I began doing it, not only have I started to feel and look physically more vibrant, but my self-image has improved because of all the positivity that I get from getting off.”

-Marie Desrosiers



“I’ve had three months now of masturbating and it’s great! I’m an older woman, with a long list of special problems and goals. Trying to hook up with strangers is demoralizing, and depressing. You don’t get depressed by masturbating. You get a good mix of things you’re good at and bad at. “

-Barb Finlay



“I have been trying masturbation for over a month. It doesn’t give me the pleasures I get from having sex, but here’s why I do it:
1. Enjoyment. If you like sex for sex’s sake. You don’t need to masturbate. But if you don’t find it fun, you’ll stop doing it. Every session I have is pleasurable and I can honestly say I look forward to doing it again and again.

2. Results. I am beginning to see myself better now. My self-confidence has improved and so has my libido. They chart my progress and I can see the results in black and white.”

Peter McMahon