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A Deeper Look at the World’s Most Common Sex Toy — Vibrators

A Deeper Look at the World’s Most Common Sex Toy — Vibrators

What do you think powers your vibrator? It’s not just a battery that you always forget to charge. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface that allows your vibe to bring you to a climax. We promise it’s more interesting than it seems. In fact, you’ll be surprised when you find out that your vibrator, computer, and washing machine have something in common.

Ever Wonder What’s Inside Your Vibrator?

We all know and love vibrators because they help us reach the most spectacular orgasms. But did you ever wonder what powers it? What happens on the inside of one tiny vibrator while you’re on cloud nine? To find that out, you’d have to break it apart. And that’s only the fun part. You know you just want to know all there is, just like we all would want to peek inside someone else’s mind to find what they’re thinking. 

Your sex toy might not be thinking much during the act, but it definitely has a brain. Not only that, but it has a body too! Several components make vibrators what they are. You’ll be surprised to find out that they’re not entirely made out of silicone with whatever vibrating underneath. A lot more things are at work on the inside. To find them, all you need to do is take a closer look. 

If you’re careful enough, you won’t even have to ruin your favorite toy. You’ll just put it back together, and it’ll be good to go. For that, all you need to do is not get all destruction-happy. Take your time, have some patience, and let us tell you exactly what you’ll find. 

The Heart of the Vibrator — the Motor

At the very core of your vibrator stands the motor. This is where all of your vibrations are coming from. We all know that different vibrators offer different vibrations. They can be weak, intense, and even come in various patterns. It’s all for every individual’s pleasure. However, how do these motors do what they do? Well, it’s quite simple. 

Let us first compare them to any other standard motor, like the ones you can find in toy cars, for example. The key with standard motors is stability. Engineers make them so they don’t shake as much so that your toy (or anything else) can run smoothly. The same thing applies to the motor in your washing machine, for example. The shakiness that nobody wants in their cars and machines is exactly what makes vibrators do what they do. 

The more these motors vibrate, the better. Often, the makers will attach a small weight to the motor so that it can provide different kinds of vibration patterns. So, think about your toy and what it does. Is it quiet or loud? Is it intense or weak? Both of these things and so much more depend exactly on the type of the motor. 

The Brains — the PCB

A printed circuit board (or a PCB for short) is something literally all machines have. Yes, from your computer to your iron. Nothing can operate without one. They’re there to handle complex operations that these machines allow you to do. That’s why we can do all those things on our computers or change settings while ironing different types of clothes. 

When it comes to your sex toys, the same thing applies. Your vibe might be small, but it’s still a machine. Simpler types of toys with a few different vibration options don’t need a PCB. Those are actions that you can perform without it. However, if your toy offers different speeds, patterns, and intensity, that’s a whole other story. 

The point of the printed circuit board, in this case, is the fact that it allows a single button to perform multiple different things. For example, pressing it when you want to change the pattern but holding it down when you want to change the speed. None of that would be possible without a PCB. Once you see it, you’ll immediately recognize it because even if you’re not computer-savvy, we all know what a regular motherboard looks like. 

The Body — the Casing

None of these elements could stay together without a proper body. Imagine what would happen to your organs if you didn’t have a skeleton to hold them together. They would be all over the place, and none of us would exist. The same applies to vibrators. All of them have either plastic or metal casing that holds everything together. They will be in different shapes depending on the shape of the vibe the makers are going with. 

That’s not everything the casing does, though. It also helps send the vibrations to you in different ways. Everything depends on the relationship between the motor and the casing. You’ll experience different sensations and vibrations depending on how close or far away the motor is placed from the part of the vibe touching your body.

That’s why you can sometimes feel the vibrations better, and sometimes they seem kind of weak.

Last but Not the Least — the Skin

This is the part most of us know at least a little about. The skin can be made out of different materials. Those materials will give both a different look and feel to your vibrator. It’s something most of us consider when buying a toy. Honestly, sometimes it’s the only thing we consider. 

Materials include silicone, hard plastic, jelly, cyberskin, etc. You can find samples in lovegasm. People usually gravitate towards silicone ones as they’re the easiest to clean. Plus, they are the safest of the bunch and feel the best against whatever part of your body. 

Jelly skins are sometimes see-through, so you don’t need to tear your vibrator apart to see what’s going on inside. However, they’re not the safest, so tearing them apart would be doing yourself a favor. 


We trust that you will never look at vibrators the same way again. There’s so much going on underneath the surface that none of us knew about. At least now you can make more informed decisions when choosing the perfect vibrator for you. Or use this knowledge to wow your tech-savvy partner.


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