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How To Practice Self Chastity

Let’s talk about male chastity, a concept that often gets eyebrows raised in today’s swipe-right, instant-gratification world. Male chastity, at its core, is about fostering a deep respect for yourself and your relationships, sometimes through the use of a male chastity device like a chastity cage. It is a commitment to keeping the physical aspects

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5 Things you need to know about masturbation

Even though we live in a sex-positive society, we are constantly surrounded by misconceptions about masturbation and sex. Today, we’ll bust some myths about busting a nut! Here are five things you need to know about masturbation!  Many People Continue to Masturbate Even After Marriage  For starters, you shouldn’t think that marriage limits you from

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How To Use Kegel Balls Safely

Playing out Kegel’s exercises brings various advantages to the two ladies and men, and vaginal or Kegel balls incredibly encourage them. So you should know how to use kegel balls. Gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel has made pelvic muscle reinforcing exercises that assistance with the issue of wild pee of ladies after conveyance, restoring the vagina

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