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Women Enjoy the Truth About Sex | Do They Really Enjoy It?

Women Enjoy the Truth About Sex | Do They Really Enjoy It?

Postillioning is the insertion of fingers into the anus and may involve massaging the rectum, or the prostate gland a pleasant addition to sexual activity, as well as good preparation for anal intercourse.

The best for this purpose is the index and middle fingers, which are stronger and can stimulate the partner for quite a long time without sexual displeasure. The finger should be well lubricated with saliva or lubricant (but in no case use soap, as this will disturb the rectal ecosystem), and only after that, it can be inserted into the anus.

After sexual teasing, press gently but firmly. If your finger meets strong resistance and does not enter at all, then the anus is very tense and your partner is not quite ready. If the anus is completely relaxed, the finger will slide without any effort. Postillioning is a good way to help someone who wants to explore their feelings and learn to control them in order to use their anus for sexual pleasures. Before Postillioning it is necessary to do an enema so that the rectum is completely free. This will be the perfect Butt plugs guide for you under the circumstances.

Having entered a finger, you will feel a dense, rigid, muscular ring which is a sphincter (a muscular pulp), and further – soft walls of a rectum. Once your finger is inside, you can freely explore the walls of the rectum, twisting the finger in any direction, and find the prostate gland. This gland produces a liquid for ejaculation, and is located behind the testicles. If you stimulate her during masturbation or fellatio, you will receive incomparably more pleasure.

If you enter two fingers, you can, stretching them, stretch and relax the anus. Try to slide your fingers up and down along the rectum during orgasm, and the orgasm will increase by 2-3 times.

At first, while doing Postillioning, you will have a feeling of a crowded rectum. But this is only a deception of sensations, and with time this feeling will bring you special pleasure.

Fucking fist

This is a Postillioning variant, when the whole hand is inserted into the rectum, right up to the forearm. It gives some people very strong erotic sensations. The anus and rectum are remarkably resilient.

It is necessary to begin with the introduction of one finger in a well-oiled anus. You slowly work your fingers until the sphincter is completely relaxed. Finally, when the anus relaxes enough, you gently insert the whole arm (with your fingertips forward, folded together to make a cone like). At a certain point, when your partner is completely relaxed, you can clench your hand into a fist and start moving it. Of course, before being pounded with a fist, you should really want it and be able to completely relax your anus.

Fucking with a fist can still be very harmful if it causes bruising of the prostate gland, an infection, or rupture of the rectum. If the rectum is torn, then peritonitis develops – an infection of the abdominal cavity, which without operative treatment leads to death! So, it’s better to look at the video!

Ass licking

Rimming – (also called “analingus”) is another way of exploring the rear ends. This is licking, tongue insertion, and anus sucking. On the one hand, it is strange and unpleasant, because it is assumed that the anal area is dirty and bad. However, in fact – it is not. And although there is minimal possibility of contracting hepatitis or HIV from an infected person, fears are mainly determined by the aesthetic side and are associated with individual taste and personal preferences. As always, it is advisable to take a shower in advance.

Many people enjoy rimming because the anus is very sensitive, like lips, tongue and genitals. Rimming is a simple thing that can be done in any position; you just need to separate the buttocks and tongue to reach the anus. If you do rimming, then how you will lick your friend is a matter of your imagination. If rimming is done to you, then relax as much as possible, so that if you wish, your partner can introduce the tongue to you deep into your anus.

Successes you sexual pleasures, but never forget that sexual promiscuity will not bring to good!

Butt plug stimulates the muscles of the anus, preparing it for anal sex. Butt plug looks like a small dildo. Anal stimulants in the modern world are made of various materials, among them latex, rubber, medical silicone, glass, plastic, metal. Butt plugs are made in various forms, there are both classic models and less standard ones with various additions in the form of spikes and ribbing. Stimulators for the anus come in with vibration and with the function of increasing size with a pump. Butt plug has a cone shape to immerse it in the anus without fear. Don’t have a butt plug yet? Go and check out Loveplugs and choose from a variety of high-quality anal toys for your pleasure.

The stimulator for the anus creates pressure on the muscles and further stimulates them during sex. It is also used to prepare for anal sex and has never been an LGBT issue. Anal stimulator is suitable for use by both men and women. When weakening the muscles of the vagina in women, you can also use the anal plug as an additional pleasant sensation. Ribs for the anus of the ribbed form are suitable for stimulating the prostate and improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Some add sensations during intimate games, some wear the butt plug at home, training the muscles of the anus, and who is bolder – inserts the butt plug and goes outside, listening to their pleasant sensations.

How to use the anal plug

In order to determine the size and shape of the anal plug, you should contact the specialists of the online store. If you have never tried to insert a stopper into the anus and did not experience the joy of anal sex, then the best choice for you will be a butt plug made of a softer material: latex, silicone, etc. Do not overdo it with the size, because choosing an accessory of a large size, you risk getting rectal microtraumas. And you do not need it!

Before applying the anal stimulator, you need as much as possible to relax your body and anus as well. Trust your partner! Do not forget to grease the butt plug with water-based lubricant. The butt plug is inserted slowly, without sharp shocks, to an incomplete depth. Stimulators of the anus are inserted carefully and differ from the introduction of the vibrator. If an anus stimulator is used for training before anal sex, it is better to insert it and hold it inside. A butt plug is also used to enhance sensations during vaginal sex and it has standing sex benefits.

The anal stimulator is not only a promising business opportunity, but it is best prepared for insertion into the anus with the aid of a water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Do not use grease-based lubricants, various oi, s and petrolatum.

For a more comfortable insertion of the anal plug, it is better to prepare the anus with an enema and how to clean the intestines. The anal stimulant is easy to clean and is washed with regular soap and warm water. To avoid infection, use a condom that needs to be put on the stopper. Do not use the butt plug at the same time for vaginal sex and for anal. Such negligence can lead to infection, because the microflora of the anus and vagina are different from each other. Follow the rules and caution when applying anal plug and enjoy the joys of intimate relationships.


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