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Top X Sex Swings Options for Beginners

Top X Sex Swings Options for Beginners

More and more people are switching to the darker side of lust – and admitting that they are on BDSM sex.Since the success of “Shades of Gray” more and more openly dream of new erotic experiences. But what exactly is behind Soft Bondage or BDSM? We’ll clarify you and let a bondage expert have their say.We also want to seduce you into sensual bondage games beyond SM. Hot pleasure showers are included.

What is soft bondage, where does BDSM start?

Above all, soft bondage means an exciting extension of your erotic games. Maybe you have been wanting for some time that your partner takes you while you are at his mercy. Or would you prefer to tie his hands together with silk ribbons and tie him to the bed so that he can indulge himself completely in your caresses? Perhaps you also blindfold him, so that your approaching breath robs him of his and he experiences your touch surprisingly. In the compare between Sex swings vs Sex slingsyou need the find the best now.

Flowing borders from tender to hard

If your game increases from tender to hard to pleasure pain and considers your aids like a whip or special sex toys, then we talk about BDSM. This term is composed of “Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, and Sadism& Masochism”. The limits of soft bondage to SM are fluid. BDSM sex is always an erotic game in which power, domination and confidence play a role, so that you can drop yourself so that you dive into other spheres for a special time.

Bind me!

When you bondage you restrict the freedom of movement of your partner or he your. The one who gets tied up gives the control to the other for a while. Bondage games are also part of the SM. Here, the roles that both partners take on, get names: The active is called “Dom” or “Top”, the passive “Sub” or “Bottom”. Handcuffs, ropes, chains or leather cuffs are used, for example. The latter are recommended for beginners, as it involves practice to tie with silk or satin ribbons so that no important vessels are pressed. Incidentally, in Japan, the erotic shackles “Shibari” are regarded as an art form.

The interplay of pleasure, limitation and freedom

Tied up tied to a St. Andrew’s cross or even hung on the ceiling, so that gravity is increasingly stoking the pleasure pain, is the part of BDSM. This sex is tender and decidedly hard at the same time. It takes a lot of sensitivity and some knowledge, so that a couple can discover the border between pleasurable and unpleasant pain and only just so little exceeds that BDSM sex is a great experience. So that the top does not go too far, a codeword is agreed as a stop signal. At SM parties it is often called “Mayday”. In general, it is very important to discuss in advance exactly what you would like to do together.

Bondage – that’s what the expert says

Aron is a shiatsu masseur in Vienna and has been working with his partner Bondage for years. In the Secret interview, he talks about his experiences.

What is bondage and what does it mean for you personally?

Bondage is for me a part of BDSM. Bondage is a simple, direct method to express the power gap between top and sub, the dominant and submissive partners. But she also has something very artistic about her and, apart from the ability to captivate someone, also requires a degree of creativity.

How does bondage work in a relationship?

Bondage is a game of power and powerlessness, trust and responsibility. It also embodies aspects that are important in every relationship, but often do not want to be seen. It is not for nothing that you will find many tango dancers among bondage lovers.

What are the risks of bondage, what should be considered?

In principle, the golden SM rule applies: “Safe, Sane, And Consensual” so safe, sensible and consensual. Of course you should also know how to tie someone up. The risks are manifold: one can hurt someone or it can come to breath shortage. The tied up person may panic and cannot break because he just cannot speak. Therefore, mutual respect and respect for the smallest signals of the partner are very important.

Is it important to contact the scene?

It’s best, in my opinion, to explore together as a couple in the game what’s possible. Of course, the so-called SM scene is a great way to meet people with similar tastes, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Can you give some tips for beginners?

Get in the beginning relevant literature. Start with simple things and use uncomplicated materials (there are specially made bandages and the like). Stay relaxed and have fun! Do not try to imitate things from films that exceed your abilities, and never leave the room when your partner is still tied up.

Should partners take turns or prefer to stay in the same role?

That depends on your own inclination. However, anyone who deals extensively with bondage should have experienced the other side.

So you seduce with a tie

Imagine what it is like when your sweetheart stops in front of you, does not touch you, but slowly loosens his tie. If you’re a man: Imagine pulling your tie off your neck, not losing sight of your sweetheart, not even while tensing the tie between your hands, very taut, and asking them to put their hands in front of them. Place the tie on your wrists, and bring both ends up between your hands. Now you pull the tie ends first down, then forward. So you can lead YOU wherever you want.

This is how a band becomes inviting corsage

Also, a silk ribbon that invitingly wraps you around your torso, or a cotton scarf, can turn into a delicate shackle with which you can tie your partner’s hands together and then to a bed, to other furniture, to beams on the ceiling or to you. Make sure you do not pull the shackles too tight. Nylon stockings are not suitable because they constrict. Make sure that a pair of scissors is at hand, if the shackles hurt in the course of lovemaking. Taboos are ribbons around the neck!

An exciting fetter for the eyes

Even a sleep mask is a kind of bondage that allows your partner to enjoy what you are doing more passionately. If you turn off a sense, others are more intense. You could put on the blindfold before you lead your secret treasure, where you want to eat him or her. Not knowing what exactly happens increases the sparkling expectation. Do not forget: the sweetest torment causes slowness. Stay as calm as you can while robbing one’s mind of another.

The game with the senses

The game with sensations like cold and hot or tender and hard is not SM yet. You can slide an ice cube over sensitive areas and your tongue behind while your secret sweetheart is blindfolded at the bed rail. Or alternately with silk ribbons over the skin, wrap them, pull off the band, gently pull through at certain points slowly grazing or fast.

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