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Anal Beads and Butt Plugs Experience: What’s The Difference?

Anal Beads and Butt Plugs Experience: What’s The Difference?

Of all the sexual issues in the world, anal sex occupies another place among the taboos. As long as it is a sexually agreed act, it can certainly be a source of pleasure for some people. However, because from an anatomical point of view, the anus is a “unique street”, when anal sex is done as it should and not as illustrated in porn movies, it can be a unique experience. So here are the few rules for How to use anal beads that can turn this sex taboo into a special occasion to enjoy privacy. First of all though, you will need to make sure your anal love plugs are of the best and safest quality, like for example, no matter the spanking of tail plugged-butt, it won’t budge even a bit. Now what do you need to know about anal play? Are there wildest believes about vibrator usage as well as other sex toys? Find out below.

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  1. The first rule, and the most important, valid in all aspects of sex is to have anal sex only if you really want this new experience. You do not have to do this just because your partner wants to try something else, or because you are pressed in another way. The importance is your desire and if you feel that you want to do, then you just have to follow your intuition.
  2. Even if you are in a stable relationship and using other means of contraception, when doing anal sex, it would be ideal to use a condom. There are two great arguments for using it. First, it will act as a barrier against bacteria specific to this anatomical area. Secondly, because the anus does not naturally lubricate, using a condom can make penetration easier.
  3. Use lubricant. Just for the above mentioned reason, anal penetration without lubricant can be painful, all the more so if it is a first experience of this kind. Of course, a certain feeling of discomfort or even pain is absolutely normal, but if they turn sexual intercourse into something completely unpleasant, then it is certainly not the time to go further.
  4. Do not hurry anywhere. To be an enjoyable experience for both partners, the best advice is not to hurry in any form. Therefore, if you have decided that this is an experience you should try, you should not try penetration from the beginning. Instead, you can buy a small sexual toy, such as a bullet or a vibrating egg. Their use can be done with lubricant and does not require penetration.

Whether exaggerated advertising about the popularity of anal sex is real or not, however fun through anal sex (which includes both internal anal penetration and external stimulation of the anus or any other part of the ass) is a safe and healthy way to will expand erotic exploration. Anal sex fun focuses both on physical and psychological pleasure, which other sexual games do not touch, and for many people (alone or with partners) opens new horses that have an impact on all aspects of their sex life . For others, it’s just something worth trying, but it’s nothing special.

A wonderful way to explore anal sex games is done through anal sex toys. Theoretically, any sexual toy used to stimulate anus, rectum or prostate is a sexual toy for the anus. But there are some important issues regarding the safety of sex toys for anal sex and it is recommended to use exclusively toys that have been specifically designed for anal games and are certainly free from dangers regarding this type of fun. It is also important to follow the basic rules on anal sex to make sure you use sex toys in a non-discriminatory manner.  Like many other things in life, anal sex is complicated. Until you manage to master it!

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Anal sex is not common, older people think. In fact, they think that masturbation with butt plugs is more common. The rectum and the anus do not have the function of naturally receiving a penis. The fact that this becomes possible does not mean that it should happen right. Some people can put their finger in the nose, some women get their vibrators and other toys in the vagina. A penis in the anus is not natural, but it offers pleasure!

Anal sex can be messy

If you do not believe, you can let your partner visit the toilet and then grab an anal party. The large intestine and rectum walls have the function of excreting substances and, at the same time, separating the remains of the food that the body does not need. These substances can cause infections for the vagina, mouth or even penis. There may be wounds, bleeding. This shows that anal sex is not natural. If it were, we could do it without special preparation, that is, washing and lubrication.

Pleasure to the extreme

Since the orgasm comes and because you can put objects in the anus, people practice anal sex. Only the orgasm gets some, and for this, preparations have to be made. After all, it’s about excitement, the rush of pleasure, and exploring your own body. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Final tips

To penetrate the anus, the sphincter muscles need to be relaxed. This can only be achieved by relaxing and breathing deeply. No other effort helps. Insert a finger in the anus for one minute, then two for two minutes. Thus, the anus adapts and the muscles are ready for sex or not. You are lucky, however, if you have a vagina around!

At least once in a lifetime women want a giant penis! And when I say giant, women do not get tangled with one less than 22 centimeters! Some kind of sex machine to play as they please. However, this size is difficult for an average man. Exceptions are usually porn stars.

Size, science or the strength

But are women truly obsessed with the size of the man’s tool, or rather are the men’s complexes of size, which they have passed on to their partners? Is it a great penis that is absolutely necessary for a successful sex game? Are men who do not have a great deal of pleasure and remain alone for life? There are various answers to these questions, but one thing is certain. A medium sized penis is really good for quality sex, because the prelude does not depend too hard on the penis, but on the passion with which partners let prey to sensations. Thins things can happen if the man has the penis too big and he does not know how to use it to give pleasure.

Everything changes, however, if the giant penis master knows what to do to please his partner. And if it removes from it everything that is wild and thus fulfills its most secret fantasies, then the dilemma comes again. Does the woman say that size did not matter or that she prefers a big penis to one of ordinary size? The answer is in the hands of women, and the less affectionate men are really afraid of what they might say.On the other hand, there are surveys in which women recognize that a large penis hurts them and gives them pain instead of pleasure, especially when it comes to oral and anal sex. Plus, the women are more suspicious of the penis.


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