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5 Things you need to know about masturbation

5 Things you need to know about masturbation

Even though we live in a sex-positive society, we are constantly surrounded by misconceptions about masturbation and sex. Today, we’ll bust some myths about busting a nut! Here are five things you need to know about masturbation! 

Many People Continue to Masturbate Even After Marriage 

For starters, you shouldn’t think that marriage limits you from masturbating. In fact, self-pleasure offers many benefits for married people. You shouldn’t feel guilty about masturbating in a relationship of any kind, and it definitely doesn’t count as cheating! 


Here’s why: masturbation is a solo activity. Most people start exploring it in their teens. It’s something that you can do by yourself. It’s a great way to find self-pleasure and expand your sexuality. Plus, solo sex offers myriad health benefits. It can decrease stress, eliminate tension, improve your sleep cycle, and boost your mood. 


Additionally, men and women should keep masturbating after they tie the knot because the activity can boost their libido. It’s true. Self-pleasure allows you to improve your sex life. It can enhance your orgasms! And obviously, your spouse will not be able to give you sexual pleasure all the time, so you should masturbate to get some much-needed relief.

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What’s more, married people should encourage each other to masturbate. There’s no reason why your partner would have a problem with you masturbating. Just try not to masturbate excessively because that could interfere with your relationship.

Masturbation Cannot Cause Blindness, Infertility, Decrease in Libido, or Shrinking of the Organ

A lot of masturbation myths come from the days when people believed that sex was only a means for procreation. Since self-love is different from procreation, people used to consider masturbation as a problematic or sinful activity. People also thought that you could become insane, contract tuberculosis, or even die from masturbation. Unfortunately, some people believe in many of those urban legends to this day.


In reality, there’s no way that you could go blind from masturbation. It’s also impossible to become infertile, contract erectile dysfunction, or shrink your penis. In fact, it’s perfectly healthy to masturbate regularly. Science has not been able to find any direct consequences that could damage your physical, mental, or sexual health. Self-love will not harm your genitals, and it will definitely not cause hairy palms!


Yet, the only thing that can happen is that it could get you used to a certain type of touch or pressure. You could become accustomed to orgasming one way from your hands or sex toys. In that case, you might find it difficult to climax in other ways with your partner. The only other real risk is that you can become addicted to masturbating or watching porn. That’s how masturbation could turn into a dangerous and obsessive habit. 

Masturbating Women Can Orgasm Easily During Intercourse

Another ridiculous urban legend states that women who masturbate will not be able to have an orgasm during sex. This simply sounds like a myth perpetrated by those who wish to stop women from masturbating. 


In fact, almost any sex therapist will advise women to masturbate regularly. Self-love allows women to get in touch with their bodies and learn about their orgasms. That way, female masturbation can actually help many women discover what feels good for them.

If you’re a woman, don’t be afraid of exploring your body and your vagina. This is one of the best masturbation tips we can give you! It will enable you to get to know your arousal and climax stages, along with other sexual behaviors. If you’ve had difficulties in the past, you could use masturbation to find the best way to stimulate yourself and reach a big orgasm.


Moreover, when you’re alone, you will not get distracted by your partner. You will get all the time you need to make yourself cum. That way, you could experiment with multiple orgasms, G-spot orgasms, anal orgasms, and so on. If you find the most effective way to orgasm through masturbation, you will also improve your orgasms during sex with your partner!

Masturbating Once Every Day Is Normal 

Daily masturbation will not affect you on a physical or mental level. Even if you don’t reach an orgasm, masturbating once a day is safe and perfectly healthy. Also, note that not everyone does it on a daily basis. There is no requirement that says you should masturbate every day to reap the benefits. Everyone is different, and we all have our own masturbation cycles.


However, if you masturbate more than once a day, you could form an excessive habit. Medically, you should refrain from doing it several times a day. For one, it can become an escape from your daily problems. Also, excessive masturbation could become a substitute for real-life experiences. It could make you want to withdraw from social settings or become distant from your partner. What’s more, for some men, masturbating two or three times per day could also result in a lower sperm count. 


If you notice that frequent masturbation is the cause of physical soreness, relationship issues, or mental health issues, it may be time to cut back. Still, very few people actually get to this stage.  

A Lot of People Cry After Masturbation!

If you’ve ever cried after masturbation, don’t worry. This is actually a common phenomenon. Crying can be a purely physical reaction to joy or relief. The condition is known as PCD or postcoital dysphoria. While it mainly occurs during sex, a lot of people experience it during masturbation or after an orgasm. 


Medically, people who masturbate can cry for many reasons. Your postcoital blues could be triggered by other factors. Some include pain, past trauma, anxiety, guilt, confusion, or depression. PCD will also largely depend on your hormonal balance or disbalance. If you find yourself weeping during or after masturbation, try to find the reason. In case of discomfort or pain, it’s advisable to see a doctor immediately.


Now that you know that masturbation is perfectly safe, pleasurable, and healthy, it’s time to have some fun! So warm up your palms or whip out your sex toys and get naughty!


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