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We want more: How to increase your load when ejaculating

We want more: How to increase your load when ejaculating

We’ve heard of products that increase semen volume, and we’ve heard of techniques, exercises, and various similar tricks. However, which of these is true, and to what extent? What is the best way to get bigger loads of cum, and why do men want it at all?

Control and Abstinence 

So these are all stories for young people. No products or any exercises can increase cum loads. Men will only produce lots of sperm if they abstain from it. Most men associate semen volume with masculinity, fertility, and sexual pleasure.


These are the reasons why they dare to abstain. For many men, satisfying a woman is very important. Therefore, we would like to point out some more myths related to this topic. Neither can we associate the amount of semen with masculinity or sexual pleasure.  


The fact that you ejaculate a sea of ​​semen does not seem particularly interesting to women, just as you cannot expect that the pleasure will be much better because of that. Unless, of course, they have a fetish for it. While it is not of great importance, there are still various tips, apart from abstaining, to help increase it.

Check Your Weight 

Excess weight certainly affects your sperm production. Studies have found that overweight men have either too little semen or no semen at all during ejaculation. And what about obese men? With them, the percentage of having no sperm at all was 81%.


Pay attention to your weight if you want to work on the volume of your cum. The food you eat produces your fluid, so make sure your diet is moderate. You should regularly consume hydrating foods, as well as those rich in zinc, amino acids, lycopene, and selenium.


Still, don’t overdo it. Unhealthy weight loss can make things worse in your body. Healthy weight loss should take about six months to keep your body happy and therefore have a basis for producing more fluid.


If you are not sure what your normal weight is and whether it affects ejaculating fluids, it is best to consult a specialist. The expert will, with your height and the overall picture of your health, determine where to start and what to pay attention to.

Moderate Exercise 

When it comes to physical activity, we all know how important it is to our health. The human body is like a flowing river, and we must not stop that flow. Then when we stop going for daily walks, health troubles occur.


To increase semen volume, in addition to daily walks, half an hour of exercise three times a week is enough. Why does it have an impact? So, while exercising, you lose weight, and your body functions normally. Also, while you move, the fluids in your body move too.

Get Rid of Your Smoking Habits

Ah, how much do we need to understand? We know, of course, that smoking is harmful, but how long are we going to get away with it? Men who smoke are at a significantly higher risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Yet, they wouldn’t stop it for the love of the world.


The love of cigarettes affects men’s sex lives too. Some women may like the smell of your sweat, bad breath, cigarettes, and cum, but these women are in the minority. Do you know that it also affects your erection?


Of course, we associate this bad habit with a decrease in the number of sperm and decreased motility of sperm. It also leads to sperm DNA damage. So what are your thoughts on quitting the bad habit now? Better sex or cigarettes? Healthy offspring or a bad habit?

Never Forget to Hydrate Yourself

Fluids need fluid, isn’t that right? Up to 60% of our bodies are water. Therefore the sperm counts too. We have popularized over the years how important 2 liters of water per day is.


Well, if you want to have healthy amounts of sperm, don’t forget to hydrate during the day. Do you know what happens in the body when you dehydrate? Your body recognizes danger signals, so it sends some of the remaining water in your body to the places where it is most needed.


Easy as that. To produce more sperm, increase fluid intake. Also, semen uses the fluids in your body to swim out. Don’t forget that. To stay hydrated, in addition to getting enough fluids through food and beverages, you also need to reduce your alcohol intake, which is known to dehydrate the whole organism.

A Healthy Diet Is a Must

For those who thought that taking aphrodisiacs is the only important thing that needs to get into your mouth for your sex life to ignite passions, we have a few tips. 


Yes, natural aphrodisiacs are great. Artichokes, chocolate, asparagus, oysters, watermelon, and strawberries are all-natural aphrodisiacs that help you relax and get into the atmosphere. However, for sex to be better and your sperm to come in loads, pay attention to the following.


A healthy diet gives you motivation. You feel better, and you are motivated to exercise, and through all, you provide loads of cum. Thus, food rich in zinc has proven effective for healthy sperm.


These are avocado, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and watermelon. In addition, you should increase some other foods as well. Eat more eggs, bananas, spinach, and lamb. And these are the foods to avoid: foods that have trans fats, high-fat dairy products, processed meats, and soy products.

Does Sperm Volume Matter? 

After all, how important is this for sex? Much, little, or nothing at all? As for pleasure, amounts of sperm have nothing to do with it. You can sincerely satisfy a woman only if you dedicate yourself to her and listen carefully to her sighs and desires.


Few women will say that they pay attention to cum volume at all. They will tell you that the way you run the game is more important to them. Of course, if they plan to have children with you, they may be checking it out. But this is still something that is much more important to men.


We know you care about that because a porn actor has thrown out a lot more than you, even when you abstain. However, keep in mind that movies are usually fake. It’s about editing, as well as various angles from which everything looks much better.


Also, low volume ejaculate has nothing to do with the amount of sperm and how healthy they are. We understand that this is important to some men, so use all the previously given tips to increase seed volume. 


But we note once again that there is really no reason to worry. Next time, let this be your least concern. Instead, transfer all your energy to bringing your partner pleasure.


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